Friday, May 26, 2006

TV Guide Emmy Ballot

Over the past few years without the burden of studying every waking second, I have come back to one of my favorite past times...watching TV. At this time of year, the Emmy nominations are announced. In preparation for the list of nominees, TV guide online has provided a list of nominees that they'd like to see. Of course, TV guide offers alot of nominees that are on TV shows that are not watched by the American populace. Of course, this fact begs the intelligence of many Americans when they would rather tune into American Idol, rather than something of quality such as the Sopranos, the Shield, Big Love, Scrubs, or Everwood. I'm proud to say that I go against the grain and attempt to expand my mind rather than pollute it with reality TV trash. Here is the link to TV Guide's dream emmy ballot:

I'll return later to offer my opinions concerning this ballot.

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