Thursday, January 19, 2006

Fairweather Friends

Over the past few days I have been reminded of so-called 'friends' that I grew up with in high school and under-grad college. On Sunday night, I received a phone call from a high school friend who I haven't heard from in ages. He got a girl pregnant in high school and proceeded to marry a drug addicted/waste of a girl during my first year in grad school. He stayed with this girl for about a year or two and then finally woke up after that time realizing that she was bad for him. During that time, he completely ignored all his friends from high school..the girl was the main one else. She didn't seem to want him to associate with his friends I remember making many efforts after he was married to try to stay in touch with him, but he just never returned my phone calls. What the hell can you do about this situation..not much in my mind. So on Sunday, he called me to let me know that he was getting married for a second time and wanted my address. Needless to say that I was surprised that he called me, but I'm starting to think that he only wants to invite me to wedding #2 in order to get a wedding gift. He can happily send me an invite to the wedding, but he sure as hell ain't getting another gift. I am actually very offended that he would call me to attend wedding #2 when he has never made an effort to even contact me..he only calls when he wants something. I think most of us know someone like that.

I also have been thinking about another so-called friend that lived in my hometown while I was in under-grad. He and I worked at a music store together and shared alot of interests. We hung out on the weekends during college for nearly 4 yrs. He rarely dated because of his social ineptitude. When he did find a girl, he focused on her solely and his friends were ignored. I remember many a night when we would make plans to go out, I'd be at the bar waiting, and he'd call me to say..'listen, I'm tired and think I'm gonna stay in.' About 2 years ago, he met a girl and dated her for about 2 -3 months. He then got the wild idea to marry her just because she was Catholic. Well, during the dating and after the wedding, he totally ignored me. I would come to town and try to make plans to go to lunch..he'd call a few minutes before the meeting time and cancel. My wife and I tried to take a gift to his house for the wedding. He and his wife (who I've never met) were inside the house. I called ahead and asked if I could bring him a present. He told me to just leave the present on the front porch. He didn't even have the manners to come to the door to thank my wife and I...he just ignored me. After the gift drop-off, my wife and I never received a thank you note from he and the wife. After I brought him a wedding gift...I guess I guilted him into buying me a gift. The really sad thing about the gift was that it was not on any of the 4 gift registries and appeared to be an item that was fucker. Well, since all of this happened, he attempted to send an IM to me here and there. All of a sudden back in November, he decides to block me from reason was given and no emails were returned. I guess his wife totally owns him now..his mind, soul, and ability to make decisions. Guess I should mark him up on the fair-weather friends list too.

Well..I finally got all of this off my chest. If I can leave one inkling of advice...Learn to think for yourself..don't let women control your lives and minds...have a life outside of your marriage with close friends...and don't be a fairweather friend. peace out.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Parents in Training.

Well, I just walked downstairs after attempting to put my 2 nieces to sleep. My wife and I (probably more my wife) are taking care of her 2 nieces for 4 days while their parents are in FL for a meeting/vacation. I would think that this would be good training for the future baby, but my wife says that God doesn't just give you a 2 and 4 year old straight out of the box, He slowly works you into parenthood. I know that both the nieces are looking forward to their parents coming home, but I think my wife and I are also. We've had our share of watching Peter Pan, Dora the Explorer, Scooby Doo, Strawberry Shortcake, and other children children's flicks. We are looking so forward to watching regular adult programs..heck, even the evening news on a regular network sounds good. We've also had our fair share of child based restaurants..aka, Chuck E cheese and Chick fil a. Kids have so much energy..if I could have just a small sliver of their energy, I could so much more done during the day. Oh to be young and without responsibility. Well the kids have driven my wife and I to hide in the bedroom. Sleep will not be much further off.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Negative Nancy..Nah..

So I see that some people consider me negative after the last blog (well I guess just one person..seeing as though only one person comments on my posts). I was planning to do a series of blogs looking back at '05, and I thought about getting my bitchin' done first. First things first, this week has put it's foot up my ass. Starting a new client and having to manage 3 staff (that have only 5 months experience) has been a helluva challenge. The continuous questions, interruptions, and whining is enough to make 'Rick James slap a bitch.' Oh well, I assume that I was just as bad about 3 years ago when I started...gotta give the grunts some time.

Gotta give a shout out to Mr. Mcleod and his new website template..looks like one of those skins you can get for Musicmatch or other early music apps. I'm also glad that I can provide him reason to put up his new section detailing his ipod playlist...Mcleod..where's my referral bonus?

Ok onwards...the following are the highlights (yes..positive) events of 2005:

1. The wife is pregnant-We were planning on trying for a baby and didn't think it would happen so fast. Boy was I surprised after only about a month and a half of trying I was awoken to a trail of baby books, movies, and the EPT test strip. My wife still makes fun of my reaction, which I will save for another future blog.

2. My father's reaction to the news of the baby- As I've said previously, I announced the birth of the baby during the prayer at Thanksgiving. Both my parents and the wife's parents were in attendance. I said something at the end of prayer asking God to please bless the hair on my parents' heads considering they were becoming grandparents. My Dad was so flustered that he had to walk outside and get a fresh breath of air. He then proceeded to celebrate with the champagne..a good thing I must say. I still laugh that he tells his friends at work that my brother has become an uncle...but fails to want to admit that he will be a grandfather. Kinda crazy.

3. Europe and Canada trips-Though the majority of my trips abroad were work related, I still got to do some playing. I was sent to Amsterdam for work and then brought my wife over for the second week. We were able to visit Rome, Italy, for 3 days. One of the better experiences I've had. So much history and beauty..hopefully one day in the future I can visit again.

4. My promotion at work- I have to say that I definitely deserved it, but as I've said before, they could have actually paid me what I'm worth. I travel 80-90% of the time, have to be away from my wife, and don't get compensated for all the trouble. Wish my company gave a rat's ass about work life balance..the true test awaits with the birth of the baby. If they don't step up and respect my family life, I may be commenting about a new job this time next year.

5. My sister's pregnancy announcement- I guess my wife and I got the ball rolling with our announcement because at Christmas, my sister and her husband gave my parents a bottle of champagne with a label announcing the pregnancy. I am really looking forward to both my child and hers being able to grow up together. God sure has blessed this family this year.

Well, I think I've rambled enough. Hope this blog shows a sense of positive thought. Negative Nancy has left the busy.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Trying to be consistent.

Wow, I've blogged somewhat consistently (though not daily, I've blogged after only 2 days..oh well I'm trying). Well, I feel like an idiot when my friends tell me that they can't comment on my blog and then I realize that I didn't select the correct option within this blog application. I audit overly technical people, but I can't even select a simple option (yes, Mr. McLeod, you can now make fun of me). Well, in one of my first looks back at 2005, I'll throw out some of my disappointments of 2005:

1. More work, no play: Yeah I got promoted this year to senior, but of course that brings even more responsibility. I get more work and still don't get paid worth a shit. I love listening to management try to justify the minimal raise I got. For what I'm being charged out at, they could at least make it worth my while. I do all this travel for the company, but they don't compensate me for it. They try to act like it's a privilege to work for a huge company, but why do they continue to have one helluva a turnover rate?

2. The last Star Wars movie: Lucas said that he was going to fill in so many plot holes, but in the end, most fans wondered why he created so many more. Yoda's kicking the Emperor's ass, and then he just runs away like dog with his tail between his legs. Obi-wan drops off Luke on Tatooine (looking like he's in his twenties/early 30's and then we see him in 'A new hope' and he looks like he's 70..what the hell??). Oh, and can you really believe that the huge Death Star was built in such a short time..give me a break. Thanks Lucas for screwing it up for all of the fans.

3. My inability to update my blog and website. See #1 in the list..nuff said. Maybe with the new baby this year, I'll have the inspiration and time to update this blog more often.

4. Ole Miss and Tennessee football: I'm used to seeing Ole Miss fail on the football field, but watching UT having a losing season..what's the deal? I watched alot of the games on TV, but every time they would get up, UT would just fall apart. Fans across Mississippi and Tennessee are praying for Peyton and Eli to begin the process of procreation.

5. Liberals who continually try to bash Bush and Republicans. I just sit back and laugh as they make themselves continually look foolish as they talk bad. It seems that the more they do this, the more seats I continue to count in both the Senate and the House. Keep up the stupidity and I guess 2008 will be another win for the Red States.

Well, I'm starting to get tired. I'll think more about the events of 2005 and post those soon. I'm off to bed once again (5:30 am comes quick).

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Can I find a few minutes???

Well, if anyone (anyone??) actually cares to read my blog they'll likely see that it's been nearly 2 months since my last post. Since then all kinds of things have happen. On the last post, I was in Europe doing work while anticipating a trip to Rome. Rome was amazing..amazing is all I can say. I brought my wife over and used the Amex points to stay free in the Hilton Rome (guess all my work travel pays off sometimes). The architecture, history, food, and scenery were beyond imagine..maybe one day I'll be able to return ( I did throw a few coins in Trevi fountain..hope the wives tale comes true). I hope to post some pics on my website soon...but alas, time never seems to be of the essence.

Guess the big news I can finally announce on the blog is that my wife is pregnant (or preggars as we like to joke). We found out back in Sept. and I was forced to hide the news until Thanksgiving from her and my parents. I have to say that it was one of the most difficult things I've ever done..waiting nearly 3 months to share great news. My wife and I were lucky enough to be able to tell our parents at the same time. My folks seems ecstatic..especially my dad. He had to walk out of the house to get some air when I announced the pregnancy during the Thanksgiving blessing. Apparently he thinks that he is too young to be a grandfather ( which I find funny considering he was 24 when I was born..he says that it was just a different generation...oh well). I'll try to share my thoughts more often if I can make it to this blog more often.

In December I traveled to Calgary, Alberta, for 2 weeks of work. I have to say that living around the mountains was amazing and beautiful. The Rocky Mountains have always been amazing to behold. I spent some time during one weekend visiting the Rockies and the ski resort of Banff. The sites were spectacular..wish I could have skiied, but alas, I've never learned that sport (of course I didn't try to learn...I don't think my wife would appreciate the call saying that I broke my neck).

Well, I'll try to come back soon to look back at the past year (2005) and to talk about the holidays (looks like my dad will have to take another walk outside for air after my sister's big news).

Here's to 2006...please God give me wisdom, patience, and strength.