Monday, January 09, 2006

Trying to be consistent.

Wow, I've blogged somewhat consistently (though not daily, I've blogged after only 2 days..oh well I'm trying). Well, I feel like an idiot when my friends tell me that they can't comment on my blog and then I realize that I didn't select the correct option within this blog application. I audit overly technical people, but I can't even select a simple option (yes, Mr. McLeod, you can now make fun of me). Well, in one of my first looks back at 2005, I'll throw out some of my disappointments of 2005:

1. More work, no play: Yeah I got promoted this year to senior, but of course that brings even more responsibility. I get more work and still don't get paid worth a shit. I love listening to management try to justify the minimal raise I got. For what I'm being charged out at, they could at least make it worth my while. I do all this travel for the company, but they don't compensate me for it. They try to act like it's a privilege to work for a huge company, but why do they continue to have one helluva a turnover rate?

2. The last Star Wars movie: Lucas said that he was going to fill in so many plot holes, but in the end, most fans wondered why he created so many more. Yoda's kicking the Emperor's ass, and then he just runs away like dog with his tail between his legs. Obi-wan drops off Luke on Tatooine (looking like he's in his twenties/early 30's and then we see him in 'A new hope' and he looks like he's 70..what the hell??). Oh, and can you really believe that the huge Death Star was built in such a short time..give me a break. Thanks Lucas for screwing it up for all of the fans.

3. My inability to update my blog and website. See #1 in the list..nuff said. Maybe with the new baby this year, I'll have the inspiration and time to update this blog more often.

4. Ole Miss and Tennessee football: I'm used to seeing Ole Miss fail on the football field, but watching UT having a losing season..what's the deal? I watched alot of the games on TV, but every time they would get up, UT would just fall apart. Fans across Mississippi and Tennessee are praying for Peyton and Eli to begin the process of procreation.

5. Liberals who continually try to bash Bush and Republicans. I just sit back and laugh as they make themselves continually look foolish as they talk bad. It seems that the more they do this, the more seats I continue to count in both the Senate and the House. Keep up the stupidity and I guess 2008 will be another win for the Red States.

Well, I'm starting to get tired. I'll think more about the events of 2005 and post those soon. I'm off to bed once again (5:30 am comes quick).

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jonny said...

you're such a "negative nancy." cheer up. at least space aliens didn't come down from the planet zeenotribo and take your penis.