Friday, January 13, 2006

Negative Nancy..Nah..

So I see that some people consider me negative after the last blog (well I guess just one person..seeing as though only one person comments on my posts). I was planning to do a series of blogs looking back at '05, and I thought about getting my bitchin' done first. First things first, this week has put it's foot up my ass. Starting a new client and having to manage 3 staff (that have only 5 months experience) has been a helluva challenge. The continuous questions, interruptions, and whining is enough to make 'Rick James slap a bitch.' Oh well, I assume that I was just as bad about 3 years ago when I started...gotta give the grunts some time.

Gotta give a shout out to Mr. Mcleod and his new website template..looks like one of those skins you can get for Musicmatch or other early music apps. I'm also glad that I can provide him reason to put up his new section detailing his ipod playlist...Mcleod..where's my referral bonus?

Ok onwards...the following are the highlights (yes..positive) events of 2005:

1. The wife is pregnant-We were planning on trying for a baby and didn't think it would happen so fast. Boy was I surprised after only about a month and a half of trying I was awoken to a trail of baby books, movies, and the EPT test strip. My wife still makes fun of my reaction, which I will save for another future blog.

2. My father's reaction to the news of the baby- As I've said previously, I announced the birth of the baby during the prayer at Thanksgiving. Both my parents and the wife's parents were in attendance. I said something at the end of prayer asking God to please bless the hair on my parents' heads considering they were becoming grandparents. My Dad was so flustered that he had to walk outside and get a fresh breath of air. He then proceeded to celebrate with the champagne..a good thing I must say. I still laugh that he tells his friends at work that my brother has become an uncle...but fails to want to admit that he will be a grandfather. Kinda crazy.

3. Europe and Canada trips-Though the majority of my trips abroad were work related, I still got to do some playing. I was sent to Amsterdam for work and then brought my wife over for the second week. We were able to visit Rome, Italy, for 3 days. One of the better experiences I've had. So much history and beauty..hopefully one day in the future I can visit again.

4. My promotion at work- I have to say that I definitely deserved it, but as I've said before, they could have actually paid me what I'm worth. I travel 80-90% of the time, have to be away from my wife, and don't get compensated for all the trouble. Wish my company gave a rat's ass about work life balance..the true test awaits with the birth of the baby. If they don't step up and respect my family life, I may be commenting about a new job this time next year.

5. My sister's pregnancy announcement- I guess my wife and I got the ball rolling with our announcement because at Christmas, my sister and her husband gave my parents a bottle of champagne with a label announcing the pregnancy. I am really looking forward to both my child and hers being able to grow up together. God sure has blessed this family this year.

Well, I think I've rambled enough. Hope this blog shows a sense of positive thought. Negative Nancy has left the busy.

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