Thursday, January 05, 2006

Can I find a few minutes???

Well, if anyone (anyone??) actually cares to read my blog they'll likely see that it's been nearly 2 months since my last post. Since then all kinds of things have happen. On the last post, I was in Europe doing work while anticipating a trip to Rome. Rome was amazing..amazing is all I can say. I brought my wife over and used the Amex points to stay free in the Hilton Rome (guess all my work travel pays off sometimes). The architecture, history, food, and scenery were beyond imagine..maybe one day I'll be able to return ( I did throw a few coins in Trevi fountain..hope the wives tale comes true). I hope to post some pics on my website soon...but alas, time never seems to be of the essence.

Guess the big news I can finally announce on the blog is that my wife is pregnant (or preggars as we like to joke). We found out back in Sept. and I was forced to hide the news until Thanksgiving from her and my parents. I have to say that it was one of the most difficult things I've ever done..waiting nearly 3 months to share great news. My wife and I were lucky enough to be able to tell our parents at the same time. My folks seems ecstatic..especially my dad. He had to walk out of the house to get some air when I announced the pregnancy during the Thanksgiving blessing. Apparently he thinks that he is too young to be a grandfather ( which I find funny considering he was 24 when I was born..he says that it was just a different generation...oh well). I'll try to share my thoughts more often if I can make it to this blog more often.

In December I traveled to Calgary, Alberta, for 2 weeks of work. I have to say that living around the mountains was amazing and beautiful. The Rocky Mountains have always been amazing to behold. I spent some time during one weekend visiting the Rockies and the ski resort of Banff. The sites were spectacular..wish I could have skiied, but alas, I've never learned that sport (of course I didn't try to learn...I don't think my wife would appreciate the call saying that I broke my neck).

Well, I'll try to come back soon to look back at the past year (2005) and to talk about the holidays (looks like my dad will have to take another walk outside for air after my sister's big news).

Here's to 2006...please God give me wisdom, patience, and strength.

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