Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Nascar Ladies

A few weeks ago I was watching some news story about how NASCAR has been influencing about every realm of pop culture, including women's fashion. I was out tonight and I noticed a woman in her mid-40's walking around in her tight blue jeans, NASCAR t-shirt, and of all things, a freaking NASCAR purse with the 28 number emblazened all over it (for those who don't follow racing, that's the number of the late Dale Earnhardt). I've grown up my entire life in the south and have yet to really understand the appeal of NASCAR. People are more fanatic about this sport than most people are about college football. More people show up at a NASCAR race than show up at an SEC football game. Back to the lady I saw today, what's the deal with the Dale Earnhardt purse? All I can say is...another weird day living in the south.

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Clance' McClannahan said...

Wonder where she got? Gotta have one for my freind's Antonette's birthday. If it was Tony Stewart it would even be better. Then I would buy it for myself and Tina Renee. Oh...and a Matt Kenseth one for Bab's.