Thursday, April 03, 2008

Web Ditties-4/3/08

  • Selling your vote for Dave Matthews tickets (switching from Clinton to Obama is as easy as free tickets to a has-been hippy's concert. Really, when was Dave last relevant..oh that's right, back when the other Clinton was in office.) - IndyStar
  • Jay-Z signs $150 million deal with Live Nation (bet this will help pay for that 'supposed' wedding to Beyonce this weekend..wonder how long it will be before Mrs. Z signs on too??) -- New York Times
  • Apple claims to be largest music retailer in US, surpassing Wal-Mart (I wonder if Wal-Mart will change their mind about all those non-explicit albums they require? Is the safety of the kids worth losing that top ranking...hmmm?)- Yahoo!!
  • NBC picks up Friday Night Lights and 30 Rock for Fall season- E!
  • The Office spin-off up in the air because of lack of premise (hmm..for starters, let's set the show in an office, with employees, and likely an silly, ignorant boss. Alright NBC, pay me my money.) -- E!
  • Sci-Fi picks up the Battlestar Galatica spin-off Caprica (Frak Yeah!!)- E!
  • James Van Der Beek to guest on How I Met Your Mother (guess Brit started something good. I'm not gonna complain considering this is the best sitcom out there. Please tell me again why this show has been hurting and trash like American Idol is so popular..once again I chalk it up to the stupidity that is 24 million Americans)- E!
  • Gough and Millar exit Smallville after 7 seasons (let's hope that season 8 doesn't outright suck now that we also know that Rosenbaum and Kreuk are not gonna be around much either)- Ain't It Cool

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