Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Web Ditties-4/2/08

What happens when desparation sets in and the money dries up?

Yep, those are the members of New Kids on the Block (mid to late 30's versions). I wonder how difficult it was to convince them to record and tour again..10 bucks says says it was the price of gas and the late child support payments. Question is..are they gonna hop around like monkeys again? -Story at Yahoo!!

  • Nickelback lead singer convicted of DUI (MORON!! With the money that these guys have, couldn't these idiots afford to hire limos or call a cab? The guy didn't even have the nerve to show up at court...MORON)- NME
  • Scott Weiland out of Velvet Revolver..heads straight back to STP (pretty funny how he pokes fun at the 'illustrious Guitar Hero' (aka, Slash). Actually his suggestion for a replacement makes you scratch your head...) - NME
  • Mariah bests the King's record in the US music charts (more proof that America has no musical taste and are outright mindless drones (of course this has been obvious ever since the waste of TV space knows as American Idol was introduced)...remind me again why the hell folks find Idol to be entertaining???)- NME
  • The Office spin-off is given a green light- Ain't It Cool
  • Dion's Beijing Concert Canceled because of lack of permits (and the world thinks that the air pollution is bad in China..geez, a few of her songs will cause several more countries to drop out of the Olympics..blame the Satan herself)- Variety
  • NY Giants unveil design of Super Bowl ring (1.5 carats of diamond covered bling)-Yahoo!!

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