Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Web Ditties-4/22/08

  • Hot Wheels Celebrates 40th Anniversary-CNET
  • Masturbation may prevent Prostate Cancer (so what do the Catholics and Baptists think about it now??)- Yahoo!
  • Are Van Damme and Lundgren Planning a Universal Soldier Sequel (this is the funniest news of the day..yes, money must be tight) - Ain't It Cool
  • Family Guy creators sue 20th Century Fox- Hollywood Reporter
  • David Chase Doesn't have interest in doing future TV shows (like a college coach going to the NFL...they don't last long before scurrying back to TV) - Hollywood Reporter
  • Jimmy Fallon Still the Favorite to Replace Conan- Variety
  • Volvo working on 'the uncrashable car' - CNET
  • Mysterious red lights appear over Phoenix sky (someone's searching for Britney) - KTLA

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