Thursday, April 10, 2008

Web Ditties-4/10/08

  • Did Cheney Go Fishing with a Naked Woman? (it's either Photoshopped or someone was having fun...I just don't see what his spokeswoman is saying..LOL) - McClatchy
  • $100 cup of coffee...made of fresh cat droppings (suprisingly, with the amount of money people shell out for Starbucks, I doubt too many would balk at this..) -- Dailymail
  • Natalie Portman dating Devendra Banhart (yes, actresses are really attracted to hippies..this is proof..or else she's mistaking him for Chewbaca)-- NME
  • Opera browser previewed for Google Android (developers are also encouraged to work and modify the code)-
  • HP ships USB sticks with malware (what customer service!!) - CNET
  • Amazon feels sorry for those suckers that bought HD-DVD players - CNET
  • Australia in the process of installing a 5,500 mile internet connection- CNET
  • U2 enter studio and prep reissues for July - Billboard

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