Thursday, September 01, 2005

Oh My Aching Tooth...

Well today was not very fun considering that I had to go to the dentist on my day off from work. I only went with the expectation that I'd have my teeth cleaned, but of course nothing goes as planned. They checked my teeth and found a cavity. I had a choice to either wait awhile or get it filled today. With my travel schedule, I went ahead and did it. It's been several years since I've had dental work done and forgot how I hated it. They had to numb my gums and give me shots. To be honest, I didn't do so well considering they hit a blood vessel (which hurt like hell). I went into a cold sweat and would have passed out if I was standing up. Thankfully, they got it done. The only painful thing left is to see the, I hope my insurance steps up to the plate.

Guess I should be sarcastic and thank Hurricane Katrina for causing Memphis to run out of gasoline. I went into town and noticed that about 3 or 4 of the gas stations I drove by were completely out of gas. It also didn't help that they continued to bring the price up. I saw gas for $3.25/gallon at alot of places...up another 35 cents in another day.

Guess I can't complain too much...I'll just have to stick around the house and veg out this weekend with the wife. Went to rent a few movies tonight...picked up Sin City, which I've heard alot about. Hope it's as good as the critics say.

I'll stop complaining. Life isn't that bad considering the hell that is taking place in New Orleans. I feel really sorry for the people who are in need of food and water..but do they really need to act like savages? And please, stop all the looting of things like TV's and non-food items. I'm not one to speak because I can't imagine what people are going through, but let's try to be somewhat civil.

Well, I'm exhausted...gonna go finish this Titans preseason game. Did I mention..thank goodness football is back...Go Vols this weekends. Oh, and maybe Ole Miss won't embarass themselves on Monday.

This is ground control to major tom...

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