Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Music Snob...

Hell, I won't deny it. This post was inspired by the post left by Jon on his blog today. He wrote about how his music tastes have changed over time. I'll talk about how my tastes have changed in a future post, but his post reminded me of how some people have accused me of being a snob when it comes to music. I'll happily admit that I am passionate about music. Guess it's just something that most people in my family don't really understand. They walk in my music room where I keep my cd collection and just make the comment...'Wow, you sure do have alot of music..how do you have time to listen to it all.' I understand their question, but I guess I just have a passion that's followed me since I was in high school. Alot of the music reminds me of events in my past. I can tell you the exact album that was playing when I had my first car accident (Counting Crows-Recovering the Satellites), the album that was on when my grandfather died (Blur-Park Life), the album my wife pretended to like when we were dating (Radiohead-The Bends), and the album that took me through late high school (Oasis-What the Story Morning Glory). Guess alot of the albums have some form of sentimental value in my mind.

Some people have things they enjoy purchasing from week to week. For example, I know alot of people who enjoy buying several cases of beer, bottles of wine , cartons of cigarettes, or things for their cars. I like music..so sue me (that's not an open invitation to the obsessive compulsive RIAA...I buy freaking music..come look in my room and see what my family complains about). I understand that this is a hobby that I will likely have to severely limit when I have children..but why should I have to deny myself something I actually enjoy. I work my ass off at work during the week...can I not actually enjoy one or two new albums here and there?

So I guess I didn't really hit on the title of my blog. Guess I should rename it to read 'Leave me the freak alone..' or 'Yes, I have a hobby like everyone else..except I have something to show for it...Take that you freaking alcoholics or smokers.' And also, my hobby won't lead me on the path of a slow death.

Guess I let my feelings be told after years of dealing with people bugging me about my obsession for music. Get on with your lives and focus on your problems..let me have my fun while I still can.

I'll try to stay on track next time. For now..have a good night all you addicts.

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