Monday, December 04, 2006

5 Stupid Things that People Won't Shut Up About

1. Britney Spears wearing no panties: I mean come on people, do either she or K-Fed really have a whole lot when it comes to smarts. If you were hot like her, without that dumbass black boy wannabe (btw, I still find it funny that record companies would give this guy a record contract..the guy sold 6,000 copies of his debut album..I hope I don't get that gag gift), and not being a responsible parent, wouldn't you be out and about at the nightspots of NYC and Vegas showing off your cooter too? This girl is making a big case for sole custody of her children. Wouldn't it be nice if there were a half smart judge who would award the poor kids to some responsible adults??? I'd say Britney's family, but I'm having a hard time believing they did a great job with Miss Pink Taco.

2. Barack Obama: So, this Senator from Illinois..who really no one knows much about strolls on Oprah, kisses her ass, writes a book, and decides that running for the Democratic nomination is a good career goal? I'm not giving this guy much hope for the nomination, but hell, anyone is better than Hillary.

3. The BCS Title Game: Yes, it's Ohio St. vs. Florida. I'm still trying to understand why people don't realize that the SEC is the most difficult conference in the country. I'm a TN fan, hate Florida football with a passion, but am pulling for the SEC to win this game. Do you think that the voters also realized that no one in the South, West, or East would watch the Ohio St. vs. Michigan game on TV. The NCAA isn't the NFL, but they gotta make some money too. I also think we would be thinking that Michigan vs. Ohio St. would be a waste if Ohio St. beat them again.

4. Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii: I read today where a kid was shot dead today for trying to steal a Playstation 3. Wow, is it really that awesome that I want to die for it? People, these consoles will be out in stores after Christmas, there aren't tons of games out for them yet..let's get a reality check. I'd like one too, but waiting in line for a week in the freezing cold to get a's starting to sound like a new Star Wars film was opening up. Shouldn't these boys be interested in actually getting girlfriends, looking at porn, or something constructive..geez. By the way, where do young kids get the 600-800 bucks to buy the Playstation 3? Might be a good time to be a person in need of an organ donation..

5. Netflix putting movie theaters out of business: There was a news article on the frontpage of Yahoo about this today. With the advances in technology, home theater systems, plasma TV prices dropping...I kinda like the idea of staying home. Like I wanna go to a theater to listen to people talk, sit in scrunched chairs, listen to cell phones going off, having a kid kick you in the back of the head....I like sitting at home with a pause button, clean bathroom, couch/pillow, cheap food and drinks. Oh, and for 5.99 a month for endless kinda makes going to the theater to see one movie for 10 bucks..sound kinda nice.

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