Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oprah is Bored

I was listening to the radio this morning (switching between Rock 103 and 98.1 The Max) when I came across Drake and Zeke. They used to be on Rock 103 several years ago and I’ve always liked their crass humor. Lately I’ve loved how they have been ragging Oprah and her supposed lover Gayle. This morning they were talking about how ridiculous some of the recent Oprah shows have been since this new season started. According to Drake, yesterday Oprah had a popular Doctor on (Dr. Z) and they were discussing crap, poo, shit…however you want to refer to it. Dr. Z was talking about what the color and shape of your excrement..what it meant and whether it showed you were healthy. According to Dr. Z, if your poo is brown and in the shape of an S or a comma, then you are having healthy bowl movements. Dr. Z also mentioned that there is such a thing as white poo (strange I know). Apparently this is the result of some nutrient or excess bile…either way, it’s really strange. Well, as you can now see, Oprah has been reduced to talking about shit on the TV..not that she hasn’t done that countless years now.

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