Friday, July 14, 2006

That Nostalgic Feeling

Over the past few weeks, I've experienced a feeling of nostalgia like no other. I know that this is a broad statement, but let me try to explain. Last week I came across 2 movie trailers that bring me back to my childhood. The first trailer that was released was for the third sequel in the Spiderman series. Check it out at This trailer makes me extremely excited because it revolves around a villain (Venom) that I grew up with in junior high/high school. Though the back story in the movie is not going to follow the comics (Spiderman brings the alien symbiote back from another planet after the Secret Wars series, wears the black and white symbiote for a long time, and then decides that it is trying to manipulate his mind...gets rid of it in a bell tower (because it is sensitive to high pitched sound)...the symbiote hooks up with Eddie Brock..who become Venom). Though none of us right now know for sure what the story will be around Venom in the movie, all that has been leaked has said that it won't follow the comics..which stinks. I'm massively excited about this new movie..and the trailer is one of the best things I've seen in a long time.

Though the Spiderman trailer is great, I have to admit that the teaser trailer for the Transformers movie (due out next summer too) is very imaginative. Check it out at We don't get to see an actual picture of either an Autobot or Decepticon, but you get to see the shadow of one of them...which is great considering the lead up to the the appearance of the shadow. I won't spoil the trailer, but I have to say that it really psyches me up to see the movie.

Another element of nostalgia was delivered to me on Monday of this week in the mail. I got an invitation to my 10 yr. high school reunion (scheduled for Aug. 26). Though I have to say that I'm not overly excited about the reunion, it will be nice to see some of the people. My class was so small that we were pretty close knit..guess a class size of around 30 will do that to you. I'll show up at the reunion to show off my wife and my new child...wonder how many people will be married, divorced, and college graduates. Maybe I'll be surprised considering alot of my class wanted to jump the gun and get married right after high school graduation..more power to definitely wasn't my cup of tea then.

Finally, I have to end my nostalgia trip with a 2 thumbs up review for the New Super Mario Bros. Nintendo DS game. Nintendo decided to go back to the look of the old games I grew up on (side scrolling, block breaking fun). I've seen some people complain about Nintendo not pushing the envelope (considering the Xbox 360), but I say screw them. This game is so addictively fun. Makes me harken back to the middle school/junior high days of sitting on my rump in front of a TV with blood shot eyes...banging the red A and B buttons. The game is worth the money..have fun with it.

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