Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Countdown Begins...

I went with my pregnant wife to the OB GYN today to have the now weekly checkup. The doctor said that my wife is measuring about 2 weeks ahead and that the baby (weighing 4.1 pounds) will likely come in the 37-38th week. Seeing as though my wife is currently in her 32 week, the speed of life is becoming even more clear. It seems like just yesterday that my wife surprised me with the news of the pregnancy. Now I am staring at the reality that the baby will be here in the next 5-6 weeks. All of this sudden reality has definitely affected my wife. We went to a child birth class last night and watched some videos of a baby being born. I found it absolutely amazing and extremely emotional. The dad in the video was bawling just like the baby...I have no doubt I will be in the same boat. After watching the video, my wife has seemed to be extremely scared about the pain that is soon approaching. I pray to God that the pregnancy is quick and easy and that she will be able to look back with a smile after all of this. Miracles don't always come easy...this is the ultimate display of this fact.

Well, last night I had another dream about the baby. I had a dream about a month ago where the baby was a girl. Some friends told me that their dreams told them what the sex of the baby was. Last night's dream shot that theory down. My dream showed the baby to be a boy and for some reason I fell asleep while the baby was being born. My mom woke me up to tell me that my wife had given birth. I have no clue what this dream meant..probably just something crazy. Well...all shall be revealed in the next few weeks. My fingers are crossed.

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