Monday, April 10, 2006

Can Hear Me Now...What..What..Oh, Let Me Turn Down this Ipod

I came across an interesting article the other day detailing how Apple has released a piece of software that will help limit the volume on the popular Ipod mp3 player. Apparently some lawyer decided to represent a guy that claims that the Ipod's volume has led to hearing loss. I swear, lawyers will go after about any lawsuit, irregardless if the suit is ludicrous. I mean come on..this lawsuit is just breeming with stupidity. This lawyer and the guy he's representing should be taken out and shot. Isn't this whole case about personal responsibility. This idiot is complaining about hearing loss when he was stupid enough to turn his Ipod up loud and keep it loud. If the volume hurt your stupid idiot..shouldn't you have just turned the volume down...I swear..the click wheel is pretty easy to use..maybe the poor guy doesn't have a thumb or index finger to use to 'gently slide' the freaking wheel toward the left. Heck..maybe the guy is still trying to figure out what direction left and right is...maybe he was drunk and had his Ipod upside down...I could go on and on with stupid excuses. The bottom line is this...if the music sounds loud...if your ears start ringing..if your ears start to bleed..then likely your music is too loud. Last time I looked, the Ipod click wheel is about as easy to use as the volume knobs on your stereo. As I conclude, I have to wonder that if this guy makes any money off of this lawsuit..I can just see the onslaught of people suing Sony, Pioneer, etc for their home stereos leading to hearing loss. Maybe this means that I can sue George Lucas for the whole THX thing we hear when we watch a movie. Jar Jar Binks...can I sue Lucas for that sad excuse for a character?

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