Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Mac Air-The RAZR laptop

It appears that the big news at the MacWorld conference on Tuesday was the introduction of the new ultra-thin Mac Air laptop. This good looking laptop should lead several hippies to miss a payment or two on their VW or Volvo's next month, or else hurt a few of their hemp dealers. Heck, this may even prevent a few of them from making it to the Super Tuesday polls in order to vote for Obama or Ron Paul.

I do think it was interesting how Steve Jobs opened up a large manila envelope to introduce the laptop. Hope no one decides to follow Steve's approach and attempt to ship one of these $1800 laptops in a freaking manila envelope! The problem that I see with this laptop is that it is likely gonna break very easily. Geez, for a laptop that is .76 inches thick..I'm thinking that these things aren't gonna hold up too easily.

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