Saturday, April 14, 2007

Non-Conformists are Actually Conformists

When you follow the indie music scene, you are always hearing people talk about 'all those conformist so and so people (for example, preppies, California girls, etc).' Since I hang out in music stores/bookstores and I don't really care to wear skater boy looking clothes, let my hair grow out, and not look/smell like I've bathed in a week, I have come to a conclusion about this whole indie scene that is prevalent. The indie crowd and the musician crowd can talk the talk about not being conformist, but when you look at the groups of the so-called non-conformist indie folk, all of them are actually conformist. They all wear the same type of clothes (baggie jeans or khakis, a t-shirt that has a band or some off-the-wall crazy saying, a grungy looking flannel shirt, skater shoes, and maybe a few tattoos or piercings) and they have a general F the world type attitude. They roam around in packs just like the preppies, hippies, California girls, etc. and have the same music tastes. They think that no one has heard about a so-called band (Dashboard Confessional or some emo stuff) when really the band is quite well known. They all want to think radical thoughts about the government and automatically think that Bush is horrible..when none of them actually research anything related to politics to justify their way of thinking. They choose to rebel against their parents and want to drive around in so called environmentally friendly cars (though none of them can actually afford one because their non-conformist looks won't allow them a job outside of working for Starbucks, Tower Records, or Hot Topic). I guess what I'm trying to say is that all this so-called non-conformist talk and image is actually a bunch of utter bullshit. Everything about you guys is utterly conformist..geez, get a clue people! Clean up your image (aka, take an F'n bath), get an education in something that might actually make money (aka, an art history, literature, music, or social work degree doesn't really help you make more than say $25 grand a year), stop thinking the world is out to get you (yes, the world may be out to get you because of your looks and F-the world attitude), and oh yeah, learn to smile and realize that your parents are actually looking out for your best interests.

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