Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Learning Experience

Last week was a learning experience for my wife and I. My wife really wanted to take a vacation to the beach since the baby is now here and since she didn't get to go to Cancun with me back in March (because she was too far along in the pregnancy). Last week we packed up the car and made our way towards Orange Beach. I think we were smoking something ripe to think that this whole trip would go well with a 3 month old child. We started the trip off right by splitting the first half the drive in half and stopping in Jackson, MS on the first day. The first segment of the trip went fairly son was happy most of the way until about 30 min til Jackson..when he starting getting hungry and fussy. We then got up the next day and learned that 4-5 hrs drives are not made for babies. The baby didn't like to sit in the carseat for that long.

Well, when we finally made it to the beach, my wife and I learned that just because you are several hundred feet from the beach..that doesn't mean you actually get to visit the beach. The daily process of feeding the baby and then him falling asleep before we made it down to the beach seemed to happen regularly. I believe we maybe got to spend about 45 minutes total at the beach for the 3-4 days we were there. The restaurants were good, but I don't think we made it outside the condo for very long. Once we made our way home, we had the final nail get slammed into the coffin. We drove the 7-8 hr. trip back to Memphis in one day. The baby did not take too kindly to this drive. I'm thinking that next year we'll just fly to Cancun. A 2.5 hr. flight sounds a whole lot better than an 8 hr. drive with a screaming child. Oh well, here are a few pics:

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