Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Random Thoughts From a Man with No Time To Blog

It's funny when my only excuse for not being able to blog comes down to one word: work. It's funny, when you get out of college and you think...'Wow, I don't have to do homework and study anymore..I'm gonna have all kinds of time to do things that I want to do.' Well, I have to think that maybe I wasn't as educated as I had originally thought. I sign my life away to a job and the company says...well why don't you work your ass off for a shitty salary and since you're young and impressionable, why don't you work at night..because just maybe one day we'll pay you what your worth.' Yeah, I've been easily influenced for the past 3 years...has it got me anywhere yet..well, I did get my first phone call from a head hunter trying to pull me to another job. I've decided to hold off on the idea of another job because of the fact that the wife is's amazing how the weight of insurance and a pregnant wife will cause you to stick with the job you know.

Well, I went to NYC this past weekend with the wife. We were able to see a few Broadway shows and my wife got to shop for maternity clothes. I have to say that I've gained a new appreciation for Broadway. I can thank my wife for this..guess she is truly more sophisticated than I am..but of course most women would have that opinion..since we are just pawns in their eyes. We saw the show Wicked (the prequel to the Wizard of Oz). The show pretty much laid the backstory to the relationship between the wicked witch and the good witch glenda. We come to find out that the wicked witch was the smart lady with the feelings and the heart, while the wicked witch was a ditzy blonde with a passion for men and clothes. We come to find that the wizard has a plan use the wicked witch's passion for animal rights to his advantage. We find out that the reason why the tin man, scarecrow and lion became who they, they weren't originally that way. To sum it up...the wicked witch gets the man, fakes her death, and makes good witch look like an idiot.

The second show we saw was the Odd Couple. The show stars Broadway's hot duo Matthew Broderick (the dude banging Sarah Jessica Parker) and Nathan Lane (Mr. Flaming Liberal). The show was a surprise to my wife from her father. He got a great deal on Ebay and we ended up with front row center tickets. The show was very funny and worth the time and energy.

Well, it appears that I am rambling about next to nothing again. I've had a few glasses of wine and am feeling ripe. Before I sign off, I have need to give a final shout out to one of my most inspirational teachers. About 2 weeks ago, my junior/senior English teacher passed away from complications related to breast cancer. This woman was one of the strongest women I know. She taught me to go in the direction I wanted to go when it came to college and she was a pillar of support when my mother was diagnosed with cancer when I was in high school. I was able to keep up with her after high school and she was genuinely concerned about the path of my life. I was able to talk to her about a week before she died and told her about my upcoming child. She was overly excited for me. I have no doubt where she's at this Heaven. Here's my final shout out to her..teachers can truly have influence if you let them.

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