Monday, August 29, 2005

It's terrible when you plan to start something and then life just keeps delaying you. I tried to start this blog about a week ago, but this stupid website gave an error telling me that I couldn't save it. So I guess this blog should start...'It was a dark, stormy night.' I'm sitting inside listening to the storms brought by Hurricane Katrina which hit the gulf today. My wife and I had to pick up her mother in Memphis because of the bad weather in Jackson, MS. Her father's flight was canceled in Jackson, MS, and he had to fly out of Memphis to reach NYC. It's a good thing that her mom got up here because it wouldn't be good for her to be stuck in Jackson, MS, all by herself. I hope this weather passes over because we have to go back to Jackson, MS, this weekend to attend the wife's 10th high school, time flies once high school is over. My parents always told me that time flies once you start to work...they weren't lying.

Well I guess I should give an introduction of myself considering I just started this blog. The name is Bryan..aka B-Diddy. Currently going into my 3rd year working for a big 4 accounting firm doing IT systems auditing....or the dreaded hell known as Sarbanes Oxley 404 (SOX 404). Can't really complain considering the work allows me to travel all over the country (and world) and I get to meet lotsa new people. Oh well..enough about work...I deal with that 60 hrs. a week or more.

Thought I'd end today's blog with a word of encouragement to a friend from college. I found out today that her life has been really difficult over the past year and a half. Life's not fair, but even when that happens, there is definitely a silver lining. Faith in God is an awesome may hide from you at times, but it will be there waiting when you most need it. It hid from my friend for a time, but came back and pulled her right back in. I wish this friend all the best. The light will continue to shine for you.

Well, the storm is still raging outside..

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