Wednesday, July 05, 2006

False Advertising

You know that you are a man when you begin to watch advertising (some aimed at ladies) and think..that's utter bullshit. I was reminded many times this past weekend when I was shown the new KY Sensual Mist commerical. The lady is talking to her friend on the phone and she says the words 'a warm sensual feeling,' and then the guy looks up there thinking...'wow, my wife/girlfriend wants to have sex...and heck, she bought something to help us out.' As any guy will attest, this commercial is utter bullshit. First of all, (a) how many men need to be told by their wives/girlfriends that it's time to have sex..aren't we the ones hounding them all the time; (b) how many women are actually in the mood to have sex regularly...and seriously, how many women are walking around Target/Wal-Mart and thinking..'wow, I need to buy that KY sensual mist stuff because I'm really in the mood to have sex'; and (c) why does a woman as hot at the girl in the commercial need to tell her guy to have sex with her...the guy must be completely stupid or queer. I know that my statements listed here were not considered by the likely all female/dike/queer advertising group of people who put together the commercial.

Next up, a commercial that was obviously meant for men. The recent new batch of Klondike ice cream commercials are hilarious and likely aimed toward men. Within the commercial, a
guy is talking to his girlfriend/wife...and a hot chick walks by them..the guy doesn't look at her..he focuses on his wife's see a screen saying..this guy deserves a klondike bar...then you see him eating it next to a proud looking wife/girlfriend. This commercial is so true and funny to boot. Maybe as nice as I've been helping out with the baby..that I'll get a Klondike bar sometime soon.

Finally...on behalf of all Americans, can we please have the irritating Ford commercial with Mr. American Idol Taylor Hicks removed from TV, radio, and all other advertising mediums right away. Seriously, what kind of talent does this guy really have? I'm totally aware of the large audience of American Idol and now I'm completely aware of what little musical taste the US public has. Seriously, can't you find something better to watch on Tues. and Wednesday nights? Let me think...Tues have Scrubs, the Shield, Gilmore Girls...shows with actual good writing and talent. I guess the test audience for American Idol involved a bunch of lab monkeys that were so dumbed down that they forgot how to throw poop. Yep, sounds like the American Idol audience.

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Leah Maria said...

I agree with you 100%, but still find it funny how they actual portray this is how it atually works.